Similar to ass blasting.
Diarrhea that swiftly flows from the anus causing a fire-y feeling.
Never fun.
Reasons to never consume food from places such as panda espress, leann chin or any "asian" buffet in america.
It sucks to have blowouts at work.
I was so sick and having blowouts all day.
My butt hurts from that blowout.
by PineappleJuice February 21, 2015
Generally following a moist, wettish bowel movement, wherein the subject or victim proceeds to wipe the soiled anus, and the toilet paper rips or slips out of place, exposing fecal matter to one or more bare fingers, often times covering said fingers with odorous excrement. Although everyone who experiences this messy situation has the option to smell aforementioned fingers, it is a proven fact that more than 90% of subjects do indeed smell their soiled finger(s).
If I used a larger wad of toilet paper, I wouldn't have experienced this three-finger blowout!
by Diesel Train December 09, 2012
Something that could've been good but used poorly.
a girl seen on the street that could have been worth something. She's a BLOW OUT
by ashley nichole August 29, 2012
When a fake tit deflates or pops and loses the silicone or saline...
Jenny felt lopsided and realized she had a blowout - here fake titty deflated.

Hey babe, your left tit looks small - did you have a blowout?
by B. Hanback January 29, 2010
Where the front plug of the (flip flop/thong/jandel/havaianas etc) pops out, leaving the wearer with broken flip flops. Left with nothing much to keep the thing attached to the foot, gravity and a flexed foot must be utilised, leaving the wearer looking utterly ridiculous as they walk.
Steve trips, and pops the plug of his footwear out in the process, "Ah shit, I've had a blow out"
by marsattacks September 14, 2011
When a girl orgasms so forcefully that the hydraulic pressure of her ejaculations renders you unable to maintain penetration. The girl herself is a gusher.
I would have stayed over, but when she got off we had a blow-out which knocked me to the floor. So I just put on my pants and left.
by Jickety March 19, 2008
A massive attack of the shits in which ones asshole refuses to close.
After eating 8 tacos he had a blowout
by Xtina March 23, 2005

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