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A sex act where the male intentionally prematurely ejaculates.
I totally blew out in this chick last night, but at least it wasn't a forbidden Herman. inflected form of blow out
by Josh Hug December 04, 2009
The actual meaning of the word 'blow out' describes the act of letting someone down, or 'blowing out'. This is usually pre-arranged plans that have had the definite go-ahead from a group of people or friends. The act often occurs the day after making plans when one weak individual does the classic first signs of blowing out...turning their phone off.

They turn their phone off thinking that by doing this, all the others who are relying on this man will think it's some kind of rare phone problem and they just can't get through. The truth is far from it, everyone knows the blowout has sneakily turned his phone off. For this man is the blow out king. This man is Chris Singers.
Group "Who's up for Alton Towers tomorrow?"
Man 1, 2, 3, 4 "Yeah sounds good"
Singers "Yeah sounds good I'll come...pick up at 8am?"
Group "Yeah see you then, don't let us down Singers we need you for numbers"
Singers "Lads...come on..would I let you down?"

*Next Morning*
*Man 1, 2, 3 & 4 are waiting outside Singer's House*

Group "Ring, ring, ring, ring"
Singers tucked up in bed "Teee heee, I'm so glad I turned my phone off last night"
Group "Would you believe it...another blow out from the King"
Group *Shouting out the window* "TOOSSSERRR"
by Mr Stab Artist November 01, 2007
The action happening, or "of" the front are of the pants being ripped or torn do to the pressure of an Exuberantly Powerful Raging Erection. Usually known to be found on the very well endowed man of 15 lovin' inches or more!

Man 1: "Do you mind showing us your brests?"

Woman: "Sure!"

(women takes off shirt, seconds pass by...)
Women: "Oh what the hell! what the hell just happened, what is that!?"

Man 2: "What girl, you aint never seen a BlowOut before!? Fa fafa Phresh!!!!!!!!"


Man1: "Wow, look at the size of the rip in that kids pants man!!!"

Man2: "Damn! Its right where Frien Frank is to. Ha! You know that stud had a BLOWOUT!"
by DeBo Phresh N Step June 07, 2010
At William and Mary, this is the last day of classes each semester. Everyone suspiciously carries water bottles around all day and gets raging drunk and goes to classes. Teachers know everyone is drunk and usually lets class out early.

Spring blowout > Fall blowout
ex: "Dude I'm so siked the last real day of classes was today. Tomorrow is blowout so we won't learn anything anyway!"
by ontherighttrackbaby April 24, 2011
When somebody has an explosive bowel movement, and it splatters all over the toliet.
I wondered why there was such a horrible smell after Scott when to the restroom. Then I went in there and saw he had a major blowout that went all up under the toliet seat and beyond.
by Can't take it no mo September 05, 2008
a hairstyle that is spikey all voer the head with short to medium spikes with short or shaven side burns which are done ususally like a tape up is done-the hairstyl was amde popular by the gotti boys from teh A&E show "growing up gotti"
The gotti boys' hairstyle is called a blowout.
by ThatGuy0401 October 24, 2006
Generally following a moist, wettish bowel movement, wherein the subject or victim proceeds to wipe the soiled anus, and the toilet paper rips or slips out of place, exposing fecal matter to one or more bare fingers, often times covering said fingers with odorous excrement. Although everyone who experiences this messy situation has the option to smell aforementioned fingers, it is a proven fact that more than 90% of subjects do indeed smell their soiled finger(s).
If I used a larger wad of toilet paper, I wouldn't have experienced this three-finger blowout!
by Diesel Train December 09, 2012