A hairstyle worn mainly by young Italian-American men. Sideburns and the nape of the neck start at a "1" and gradient speedily up to a full-blown Itlian-American Afro. Hair is jelled into a spikey-look and pulled from the head to maximize height and width.
Italian American #1- Aye, nice blow out
Italian American #2- Yo, props. Took me like 45 mins to get it right. It's a one on the bottom.
Italian American #1- Who did it?
Italian American #2- Joey's Barber in Morris Park
by TreDay November 12, 2005
1. Melbourne/Australian slang for a GHB overdose. Can vary greatly in severity. Passing out uncontrollably and loss of motor skills are the most identifiable symptoms of a non-serious case. More serious cases involve vomitting and loud indecipherable yelping or yelling. Can result in death.
2. Someone that frequently overdoses on GHB.
1. Carl: Did you see that dude blowout outside.

Paul: Yeh. What an arsehole.
2. Frank: Have you spoken to Sam?

Sean: No, he's a filthy blowout.
Melbourne, Australia slang for a GHB/GBL (juice) overdose. Often comes with involuntary sleep/passing out for hours, involuntary movements, sex with anythng or anyone, extreme horniness, moaning and groaning, dangerous driving and dancing like a fuckhead whilst touching oneself. The person "blowing out" will be unable to comprehend or understand you telling them to "calm down" or "stop it" and will continue to blow out until he GHB effects wear off.
"I can't believe she pissed in the middle of the road"
-"yeah she's a dirty blowout"
by 3ml_Charge November 21, 2010
Occurs when stretching of the ears with gauges. It is the extra flap of skin that is created when either going up sizes too fast or when you skip sizes. Blowouts can heal, but it requires the plug to be taken out. Most people think they've gotten a blowout, but in reality they've ripped their ears. Ripping of the ears may have skin discoloration around where the ear was gauged. A blowout mainly happens when the skin does not easily stretch and is forced out through which ever way you're stretching your ears. This excess skin may eventually deteriorate. The results of a blowout (depending on the size) may look unpleasant when the plug is not in.
Person 1: That man's lobes are huge!
Person 2: He's most likely going to get a blowout soon.
by renizzler June 15, 2009
(OIL INDUSTRY) a disaster consisting of a rupture of the pipe carrying oil away from a wellhead. Basically, when oil coming out of the ground through an oil well is released into the open air, or pours into the ocean.

In 1991, after Iraq's invasion of Kuwait was repulsed by the US-led coalition, the retreating Iraqi forces used incendiary explosives to blast open and ignite the streams of crude oil coming from Kuwaiti wells. This was the largest mass blowout in industry history.
The Deepwater Horizon blowout is incorrectly called a "spill" by many news outlets. It is not a spill, it is a blowout.

Oil wells, particularly those drilled underwater, are required to have a functioning blowout preventer. The one of the Deepwater Horizon was made by Halliburton and was defective.
by Primus Intra Pares July 15, 2010
when you wear out a hole in your kicks (shoes).
aw crap my fav pair of airwalks had a blow out!
by sexy texan January 05, 2012
When a girl gives such an out standing blow job, the man getting blown has a violent out burst! usually ending up in slapping, hitting, or hurting her in some way or another.
Katie: "I was giving my boyfriend a blow job and he had an insane blow out! he beat my ass six ways from Sunday!"

Jennifer: "I wish I could give my boyfriend a blow out as good as you can."
by jack mc. spank dick July 19, 2010

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