When a girl gives such an out standing blow job, the man getting blown has a violent out burst! usually ending up in slapping, hitting, or hurting her in some way or another.
Katie: "I was giving my boyfriend a blow job and he had an insane blow out! he beat my ass six ways from Sunday!"

Jennifer: "I wish I could give my boyfriend a blow out as good as you can."
by jack mc. spank dick July 19, 2010
Top Definition
Hair style of choice for the guido, it usually involves short/shaved sideburns and sides with a large amount of hair on the top, usually spiked so that the wearer looks like they've been electrocuted.
I saw what looked like a porcupine sitting on the headrest of that riced out mustang driving infront of me. Another guido with a blowout.
by The Sub March 10, 2005
End of semester celebrations that occur on the last day of classes and generally involve excessive and early morning drinking, denial about upcoming exams, puking and rallying, and the making of poor life decisions. Spring blowout is generally a larger ordeal, as the weather is conducive to outdoor drinking and slip and slide and seniors like to return to their freshmen dorms to give it a little toast. Like many great legacies, such as full-contact beer pong, this festivity had its beginnings at the College of William and Mary.
"Hey, we've got to find a freshmen to let us in to Yates dorm for spring blowout this year. The administration is hardcore about locking down all the freshmen halls so we can't work havoc."
by Sabzi April 09, 2008
An uncontrolled, poorly contained and always catastrophic bowel movement. Usually the chuncky runs. So bad that even heavy pants can't hide the mess. Food poisoning or a very disagreeable meal are two main culprits for a blowout.
In line at the McDonalds:
Joe: "Oh Jesus, Oh..."
Mike: "What? What's wrong?"
Joe: "That toddler in front of us."
Mike: "Toddler? Oh my, fuck .. Oh the smell."
Joe: "Hey lady! Your little crotch dropping seems to have had a blowout."
by Jumpingrat August 25, 2006
The most ridiculous looking haircut to ever be sported by white people. It's an extra long tape up that is gelled into spikes, making the hair look like an extra greasy afro. A required hairstyle to grind with the true sluts in ANY Long Island club. The most famous, and arguably the original, blow outs are worn by Carmine and John Gotti Agnello, stars of A&E's "Growing Up Gotti." For accessories to complete the look, see tape up.
Blow out: Yo i spent 45 minutes gellin my fuckin heaa bitch you betta suck my salsicc'
True Slut: Ok but yo betta take me to the tanning salon when were done cuz im stahtin to turn white again.
Blow out: Arite whateva the fuck you say you fuckin cunt slut.
True Slut: Hee hee hee, Vinnie you ah so funny.
Blow out: Dats right bitch, I know John Gotti now get in my G35 and suck my dick.
by Tony Rigatoni June 23, 2005
haircut where the side burns and back is faded out...staten island guidos
damn...why everybody here got the same cut
by doobalis December 08, 2003
to win by a large score (english slang)
"Did the Flames win?" "Ya, 11-2. It was a blowout."
by VAKI5 May 09, 2005
The expelsion of tissue from the back of a piercing if you are gauging too quickly. The tissue will "blow out" the back of the hole and heal in a lump, causing uneven stretching, tearing or other problems.
While pushing the taper too hard, I managed to blowout my right earlobe.
by Denis Baldwin February 03, 2004
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