An upward mohawk-looking hairstyle that is acquired from ones fellatio partner stroking the hair in an upward motion during the performance.
"He has a BLOWHAWK"
"Blowhawks are for the gays"
by RGCC July 29, 2005
Top Definition
the act of shooting cum through ones hair resembling a mohawk after receiving a blow job
Jordan gave me a blowhawk because I used a little too much teeth
by Panda103 May 03, 2008
Tired of the Orange County dudes with their Fauxhawks, Aviators and Lobster Enchiladas at Javiers?? This one is for them.

When you are doing some chick and are about to shoot your pull out and use careful aim to blast your man juice STRAIGHT down the part of her hair giving her her own new hairstyle...the Blowhawk!!! Chicks love it!
Last night I was pillaging this chick and to finish it off..I decided to welcome her to the OC and gave her a Blowhawk......then took her to Taco Bell! Bitch don't deserve Javier's......WHAT!!!
by The Dragon Bubbler July 22, 2009
A blow hawk is a person whom like a bird of prey smells rotting flesh, seems to be able to smell a joint being lit up from amazing distances, and turns up just after you spark up a fat one.
Aw man this weed is great, here you go, oh no that fucking blow hawk's come round again.
by soundgesture November 27, 2011
A blowout that has been shaved into mohawk form.

So, you would take some little runt (probably a guido) with a blowout and shave the sides of his head, leaving a stripe down the middle, also known as a "blowhawk."

Easy to do while passed out drunk. It's fun for everyone.
1. This kid wouldn't leave my room, so when he passed out we shaved his f*cking blowout off and made it the world's first blowhawk.

2. This guido I know from Strong Island was trying to peep my girl but he had a blowhawk so I smacked up his face.
by Bobby O'Shea June 09, 2006
When someone snorts a line of cocaine down the middle of someone's forehead.
"You gotta put Blowhawk up on urban dictionary after I do a blowhawk off your head"
by Jewish_Boy February 12, 2008
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