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Getting a blow job while eating a hoagie.

as defined by Preston & Steve on 93.3 wmmr on Thursday, October 25th
"The man was seen getting a blowgie in the wawa parking-lot"
by Dan Giangiulio October 25, 2007
The act of receiving a blowjob while eating a hoagie. Simple as that.
Dude i was receiving a major Blowgie in the bathroom at subway last night.
by DoinW0rk1 October 16, 2010
To get a blow job while enjoying a hoagie.
Yo I had the best night ever, i was hungry and horny so Trish just gave me a BLOWGIE.
by Nacca Flacka Flame June 10, 2010
The act of eating a sandwich/hoagie while being orally serviced by your partner.
My main bitch gave me a blowgie last night.
by Fran C. October 25, 2007
The act of a man receiving oral sex while he consumes a hoagie sandwich.
I was listening to Preston and Steve in the Wawa parking lot while my girlfriend gave me a blowgie.
by PnS fan October 25, 2007
to get a blow job while eating a hoagie. This definitoin developed on the "preston and steve show"- a radio show from philedelphia. a caller came on the air and said he saw a man in a car getting his dick sucked while eating a hoagie. They came up with the name blowgie.
dude last night i was so hungry, and also a bit horny, so i got my girlfriend to give me a blowgie
by nikefball82 October 20, 2008
When a woman eats a hoagie from a round a mans penis.
I had my penis sitting in a huge hoagie last night and my slam piece gave me a blowgie
by Martin Pizark July 24, 2008
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