While fisting a girl, you open up your hand.
After I gave my girlfriend a blowfish, she asked for an anal one.
by stew April 07, 2004
Top Definition
When you get a girl to lick your asshole and you fart in her mouth her cheeks puff out like a blowfish.
She was going for the bunghole so I shot her a big blowfish.
by Freebird September 16, 2003
When you are eating a girl out and she quiefs in your mouth, thus puffing your cheeks out and making you look like a blow fish.
I was munchin' this bitch's clam and she gave me the blow fish of a lifetime; I couldn't get the taste out of my mouth for a month!
by Dongfart January 02, 2006
The act of pressing ones lips against a transparent surface, typically a glass window, to form a seal and then breathing out to expand the cheeks.

Generally the intention is to disgust or taunt anyone that may be on the other side of the window. Although slightly less offensive, the action is performed in much the same manner as to chuck a browneye.
"Quick, Sally's in her car, do a blowfish on her window!"

"Haha, blowfish!"
by Heath Raftery November 27, 2007
When a girl is getting eatten out, relaxes a little too much, and accidently lets a little fart out.
1. Jimmy was eating me out and I was so into it... I accidently gave him a blow fish...

2. Damn, I was going down on my girl and she totally blow fished me!
by EmCeBee January 20, 2011
Getting a blow job while in a hot tub, or any other form of water. To be defined as a blowfish, the girl's head must be completely submurged under water, except to come up for air of course.
Girl: Wow this hot tub is nice.
Blowee: Yeah it is, have you ever given a blowfish?
Girl: No, what's that?
Blowee: I'll show you, here's a snorkle.
by sharkface August 04, 2009
A blow job performed under water in a bathtub, pool, or ocean.
Greg: Will you give me a Blow Fish?
Angel: What is that?
Greg: A blow job under water
Angel: Ummm.... NO!
by GJWilliams September 22, 2009
a trout followed by a blowjob
Damn, that ho blowfished me good this morning after breakfast.
by andrew dick and nose February 05, 2009
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