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the blowdog is synonomous with Salty Dog.

the blowdog has been known to coerce college chums into finishing whisky by exchanging pulls.

the blowdog invented hi-low red black with tequilla shots.

the blowdog blacks out for fun.

the blowdog makes money grow on trees.

the blowdog has iron lungs.

the blowdog was known in Champaign-Urbana for maintaining the largest bar tab.
You know you pulled a blowdog last night and ordered triple whisky and cokes?

You'd better go duck out at the library, blowdog is coming into town.

blowdog got me kicked out of yet another bar last night.
The act of receiving a blow job while eating a hot dog
I was getting a blow dog and I saw God

I got a blow dog yesterday and I told my friend Max about it and it blew his mind.

Me: Yo I got a blow dog yesterday
Max: Whoa that's so intense you literally blew my mind.
by Lord of Blow Dogging April 11, 2010
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