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n. A blow job performed by a hobo.

Coined by Penny Arcade in the strip "A Carnival of Delights".
Where's Lance?

He's in that alley getting a two dollar blowbo.
by PA-Fan September 17, 2008
A blow job offered by a hobo in exchange for $5, food or drugs/alcohol.
That poor bum down the street has to give out blowbos to feed himself since the local soup kitchen was shut down.
by Jstonemuc September 10, 2008
A Hobo who will give head for money or food.
- So how u dealing with your breakup
-I went to 7 eleven last night to find a hooker to help me get past this, but all i could find was a blowbo.
-well how was it
-do u actually think i would do that
-umm yha
-... it was prty good
by Drakyr September 11, 2008
A blow job from a hobo
Jim went down to 7-11 for a slurpee and a blowbo, he'll be back in about 20 minutes.
by slippypiggie September 09, 2008
noun. - A blow job given by a hobo.

{Origin: The Monday, September 8, 2008 Penny Arcade Comic}
I went down to 7-11 at midnight last night to get a blowbo from the person who sleeps there.
by Deppyg September 08, 2008
A hobo who will give blowjobs for food or money
I couldn't afford an actual hooker last night so i just went to 7 11 and found a blowbo.
by Luc Limoges September 20, 2008
A blowjob from a hobo. According to Penny Arcade, usually available outside 7-11s late at night.
Hey, homeless person! Here's five bucks for a blowbo, cm'ere!
by Apfelstrudel September 08, 2008
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