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The Stony Brook University Big Band.
Did you go to the SBU Blowage concert last night?
by Bird Lives September 05, 2006
When a person is giving oral sex to another and proceeds to vomit on their genetalia causing great pain
Alex: "did you hear about staci giving ruben blowage last night?"

Felisha: "yeah! Oh my gosh that's disgusting-- that must have burned!!"
by ari atari March 20, 2010
Something upsetting, from previous sayings like that blows mines
Someone and/or something can be a blowage.
"I g0tta dutch n n0 bud dats a blowage"

"y0 s0n u droped my drink u sucha blowage"
by j4d3 September 24, 2009
The degree to which a wind-making machine achieves its desired effect. Coined in the "Making of the Lose My Voice" video, viewable at www.carmenandcamille.com
Wow, check out Camille's hair. That's some major blowage.
by The Visualiser September 01, 2006
A noun describing the degree to which a target has been or can be passed.
We can have a maximum of two days blowage on this project before the client will refuse to pay.
by Stuart Concannon February 27, 2005