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(n.) 1. A synthetic humanoid doll used for simulating copulation or other sexual acts.
2. A man who gives it up to everyone and his brother while in prison. (See also blockhead and buttslut)
"Derek did a stretch in Chino a few years back. I hear that guy was a blowup doll in there." (Taken from American History X)
by Chagrin94 August 10, 2005
the cheap substitute for a date, usually considered better in bed because they lie perfectly still and never get their partner and them selves caught by moaning loudly.*note biting the blow up doll on the shoulder during sex is not advised due to the chances that u will pop ur "partner"*
Instead of dating real girls Jason took to sleeping with blow up dolls.
a life size thin plastic doll filled with air used for male sexual conquests. Specifically in things an average female would find offensive.
"I had a fight last night with my blow up doll, but I think I can patch things up."
by Nick1122 November 09, 2006
A plastic device (male or female) that roystee uses to satisfy his sexual desires when prostitutes are unavailable.
Roystee said, "How else can a fat fuck like me get laid?"
by Dr. Phil December 20, 2003
Is a female, air head who has no other purpose but 2 be used by men for sex.
Guy: "Wow that girl is such an airhead"

Girl:"Yeah, she sleeps with every guy she can find."

Guy: "What a blow up doll."
by Kit_13 September 09, 2009
suicide bomber
we all ran for cover as yet another blow up doll blew up
by theWestHamfan January 18, 2004