Blow me
often used as a diss
pronounced Bl-ou-mm
Guy 1-you suck!
Guy 2-Blowme bitch!
by blowme baby October 23, 2009
Top Definition
yet another way to go tell someone to fuck themself
Yeah, Blow me.
by shelly February 10, 2003
Just those two words you say when you cant be bothered arguing with someone.
"Stop being such an asshole, your so self centered and" (interuption by you) "oh blow me!"
by Adampfdaman June 19, 2005
To tell someone to give you oral sex, usually with a sarcastic tone.
Fuck you, why don't you just blow me
by Tom Power June 03, 2005
1. Command- Perform oral sex upon me.

2. Taunt- similar to f*ck you. a sign of disrespect
1. Hey I'm feelin' horny, why don't you get on your knees and blow me.

2. Hey buddy, if you don't like my attitude, you can blow me
by February 25, 2006
this term originates from the comedy "love guru"
simply meaning BLOW-ME
can be used as a prank
original usage shown below
Will you

Loving &

(will you blowme???)
by That Hippie Dude May 12, 2009
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