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its the eyes of a woman while she is giving oral to a guy, she just looks up to his eyes Her eyes say to the guy "yea i got your dick in my mouth, what are u goin to do about"
i got head last night and my girl was really turning me on with those blowjob eyes.
by ramrod January 30, 2005
A girl, or indeed a guy, who has eyes that, from the level of your navel, stare up into yours and see into your soul. They seem to absorb your whole being and whisper "Feed me cock."

They are generally slightly larger than average eyes, with long eyelashes that emphasise the way the person sucking your dick is first looking up at you whilst swallowing your pork, then down shyly, and then up again, communicating only with their eyes how much they love sucking cock.
When seeking the pleasures of a blowie, always look at the eyes and lips of your target. Don't worry if they're a whale, they'll be less hurt when you bail. Remember, for the best blowies, find a girl whose eyes capture you. Those are the blowjob eyes.
by jameswoodywoods November 26, 2011
A girls eyes that looks like she would be really good at giving a blowjob.
That girl Janica has such nice blowjob eyes and I want her to suck my dick.
by Nicholas Brian February 17, 2009
When a girl is sitting down and lustfully locking eyes with a guy standing above her. Similar to the eye contact made while giving head.
Guy: She's dtf. She gave me blow job eyes.
by freeyb October 27, 2011
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