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see BJ
Hey, pass me a Blow-J, ya that's right, this ones real good.
by PatsyCleinFace June 14, 2004
the act of giving a fellatio; the term was coined in the 2007 hit "Superbad"
i'm going to give you the best blow j ever...with muh mouth.
by jammin-j January 22, 2008
A shorter way of saying 'blowjob.'
I hope Cindy gives me a blowj tonight.
I heard you got a blowj last night, Ron.
by Tyler Zimmer April 24, 2006
A short term word for 'blowjob'.
" Nothing beats performing, not even a blowj "
- Gerard Way. =]
by dananananana March 02, 2007
A term used to refer to the act of orally stimulating the male sex organ.
Before copulation the male often requests a Blow J.
by Daniequalsrad March 31, 2009
Blow Job
That person is a total blowj!
by Senior Pantalones August 14, 2008
Giving fellatio without the subject finishing in one's mouth, fun for all with out the "job"
I wanted to keep on bangin' so I only had her give me a blow j.
by freemarketmama July 25, 2008
A way funnier term for a blow job.
Also see "Road Blowj" refering to getting and or receiving road head.
"Tammy, I heard you totally gave Brian a blowj the other day. That's so gross."
"Why don't you just go blowj that guy over there you slut!
by kayjayem August 19, 2007