Being a full and total disgrace to humanity. Pronunciation: Blow Ass
*jim walks in and drops a case of beer breaking it all*
everyone: Blow Ass.
by dabc November 09, 2003
When a woman surprises you during a blowjob and licks your asshole
She was sucking my cock...and then switched around and started giving me a blowass!
by Marianist Athlete March 27, 2008
When a person pulls down their pants, spreads their ass cheeks, exposing the inside of their ass, and farts. This will create a very funny sight/sound for the spectators. A good blow ass will involve shit coming out of the ass and hitting the floor.
Jerry knew that the only way to make his friends laugh would be to spread his ass cheeks, let his asshole expand, and blow ass.
by Oshishi June 15, 2009
to leave.
"Dude, this party is starting to squirt. You ready to blow ass?"
by notbad.jpg August 12, 2011
Having a nasty spit of diarrhea, generally popping up at a bad time.
Gangway, gotta blow ass!
by SsJ1_GoKu December 14, 2004
1)The act of forcing out anal-water from one's system directly after an enama
2)Derogatory remark for someone frequently evacuating anal-water
1) Oh god, Jimmy just blew ass!

2) Your father is a blow ass.
by SleepyFreshmen July 05, 2003
Another way of saying, "You guys are cool!" It is used much in the same way that "sick" is used in slang, meaning the opposite of what it should mean.
You guys BLOW ASS! (You're cool)
by B*winky April 28, 2005

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