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When someone blows you up it means they let many others know about something you're doing, or what you have that you don't want others to know. A place can get blown up as well, for example if you know a chill spot where a selected few come to hangout, it could get blown up if a lot of people find out that it's cop free and chill.
"Can I have a cigarette?"
"I don't have any, ask David though"
"Fool, why you gotta blow me up?!"

"Hathaway park got hella blown up"

"Don't let this place blow up"
by Alisa September 04, 2006
To cause to explode, usually using dynamite/TNT, grenades, etc.

A cure for everything.
Harry: Ron, I think my scar's hurting again.
Ron: Oh jolly good Harry, now we can blow it up.
by [ - stacys mom - ] October 29, 2003
Sporting term, to become tired
About 10 minutes into the game he began to blow up quite badly.
by D Sizzle June 23, 2004