Much like smoking or drinking someone up, "blowing up" in this context refers to giving someone free coke.
Person 1: "I wanted to leave for that party, but Andrew just wanted to keep doing lines at his apartment."
Person 2: "Did he at least blow you up?"
Person 1: "Yeah, I got a bunch of free blow-ups. Did you make that up just now? It's pretty good."
by Greg234443 July 28, 2010
Any insoluble substance used to adulterate Crack Cocaine at the oil stage in its preperation for the purpose of cutting or making more potent.
Awwwww hell nah mane, this dope all blow up.

Awwwww hell yeah mane, this blow up got me bouncin off the walls B.
by Dope Boy Magic 187 July 09, 2006
phrase used to suggest calling someone
Yo, where's Mike?
I don't know, blow him up.
by Joe Dizzle November 18, 2003
forceful excertion of vomitus or fecal matter.
if you're gonna blow up in the bathroom, you'd better pick it up
by theo November 01, 2003
To be rolling on MDMA(Ecstasy) super hard. Most intense feeling or peak of an MDMA experience. Can either be used to describe coming up very rapidly on the drug in the beggining of an MDMA experience, or to reach a peak or plateau of an MDMA experience.
I was blowing up really hard the other night, it was intense.

Im gonna blow up hardcore tonight, man.
by D.Rock December 28, 2006
The name of the fantastic EP from Sydney duo The Presets. Renowned Australian dance music site describes it as "30 minutes of energetic sleaze-soaked and slightly sinister synth-driven rock designed to slither into your subconscious"
One of the better electronic music releases this decade
by blackcherry August 22, 2004
When a person under the influence of MDMA has another blow a Vick's Vapor Inhaler into their eyes, nose, and mouth.

The same as a Sea Breeze, but different terminology since the Sea Breeze is often associated with candy ravers.
Bro, I'm rolling my nuts off, can you give me a blow up?
by ibbjamin June 16, 2007

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