When someone blows you up it means they let many others know about something you're doing, or what you have that you don't want others to know. A place can get blown up as well, for example if you know a chill spot where a selected few come to hangout, it could get blown up if a lot of people find out that it's cop free and chill.
"Can I have a cigarette?"
"I don't have any, ask David though"
"Fool, why you gotta blow me up?!"

"Hathaway park got hella blown up"

"Don't let this place blow up"
by Alisa September 04, 2006
Top Definition
To become famous, successful, and respected usually within a small amount of time.
Tarentino worked in a video rental joint before he made Resevoir Dogs and blew up.


"These overnight stars becoming autograph signers.
We'll all long to blow up and leave the past behind us."

from Rock Bottom by Eminem
by Scog October 27, 2003
to inundate a device with messages
I was asleep for only two hours and my pager blew up!
by Anonymous November 22, 2001
State of while under the influence of the ecstasy (3,4MDMA)where one feels like either their mind or entire body is having an orgasm and is almost impossible to control.
You look as is you're feeling really good....are you blowing up?
by charley January 18, 2005
To rapidly achieve fame, stardom, cash money, mad props, etc. after being relatively unknown. It is more of a rapid progression than a gradual rise in fame and fortune...
Just watch, man - she's about to blow up after her next album drops
by Toastmaster General April 17, 2005
To call/text someone repeatedly, or have multiple people call or text the same person.
Kyle was blowing up my phone this morning because he wanted some bud.

Stop blowing me up, i didnt answer cuz i was in the shower

If i dont answer for my gf the first time shell blow up my phone
by nuglifee April 15, 2010
To blow up in rage and have a huge fight or argument
Sally will blow up if you try to challenge what she is saying
by Meratch February 25, 2012
Much like smoking or drinking someone up, "blowing up" in this context refers to giving someone free coke.
Person 1: "I wanted to leave for that party, but Andrew just wanted to keep doing lines at his apartment."
Person 2: "Did he at least blow you up?"
Person 1: "Yeah, I got a bunch of free blow-ups. Did you make that up just now? It's pretty good."
by Greg234443 July 28, 2010
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