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a slut or whore, a girl that will BLOW anyone
yeah i had dat blow pig over, my whole crew got some
by John April 07, 2004
22 6
An overweight woman used exclusively for oral sex.
"Dude, have you seen Kevin's Girlfriend?"
"The fatty?"
"Yeah, she's a total blowpig."
by Lexander August 24, 2006
16 3
any female (or girl if you will) who will blow just about anyone

Also, any girl who simply loves to suck d*ck like a grimey whore.

Note: Blow pigs can be sloppy, overweight, AND/OR ugly BUT when getting a BJ, especially from an experienced blow-pig, WHO REALLY CARES ANYWAY!!
Guy 1: Yo dude, check that girl out over there, she looks like a real blow pig!

Guy 2: Yeah man, i bet she guzzles buckets of cum in her spare time. You can tell shes just asking for that guy to stick his d*ck in her mouth.

Guy 1: F*ck yeah.
by I Love Dirty Whores May 25, 2006
26 15
Known as a person whom consistantly participates in having oral sex with a person of the male gender.

This individual is known to have an addiction to oral intimacy with males human beings.
He keeps following my best friend around, he's such a Blowpig.
by NightBl1d3 August 16, 2009
2 2
An individual, primarily a female, who performs the act of fellatio upon one or more police officers
Sam's mom is such a blowpig, when his dad isnt home she is busy suckin off every cop in town.
by BIG MIKE THE WIZARD November 16, 2006
5 11