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Having a blowjob in exchange for goods, favours, services, etc
Buying dinner for a future blowjobligation
by Marshall_Bal September 19, 2008
45 15
When a woman is morally obligated to give a blowjob.
Generally, this occurs if:
- The male has asked for a blowjob
- The male has allowed the female to spend time with him
- The male is horny
male: "Ok, Jaimie, I have listened to your fucking story about your day, now you are BLOWJOBLIGATED to get on your knees and get to work."
female: "But... I don't want to..."
male: "you don't have a choice; it's your blowjobligation."
female: "oh, you're right. ok."
by Jarred Neuman December 05, 2011
13 2
the unspoken obligation a woman has to her man to provide oral. This act is in reciprocation for exceptional behavior, surprisingly pleasant acts of kindness, or prolonged period without the experience of a blow job.
Girl: I love the flowers! They are my favorite!
Boy: Now it's time for you to fulfill your blowj-obligation! (begins to unzip jeans)
by Elkamine April 16, 2011
12 5
A blow job to forgive transgressions
After a nightmare weekend with Suzie's insane fucking family she accrued quite a store of blow jobligations.
by WubbaRocks February 14, 2011
4 4