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being extremely good at giving head
Damn! Amanda is one blowjob queen
by George the man whore July 31, 2005
129 31
Noun; a term with several nuanced meanings, popularized by Liz Phair in her 1996 song of the same name:

1) A woman confused about a relationship, but willing to do anything for her man;

2) A very young woman who values her identity as being promiscuously available for oral sex with many men;

3) In many colleges, a young woman who is readily available to a particular group (such as a team or fraternity) for blowjobs.
1) I'll be your blowjob queen.

2) When I was 14, I was a real blowjob queen.

3) And after pledge week, I'll line you up with Wanda, our blowjob queen.
by tman September 15, 2004
129 44
1. A girl or woman who enjoys taking the male sexual organ into her mouth and stimulating it until her partner achieves orgasm.

2. A slut who is addicted to giving head.
"Poor Lateesha. She blow her diet again." Giggles


"You know that girl. Always full o' splooge."

"Dat ho da blow job queen o' da block!"
by Tummy AuGratin February 27, 2006
122 39
Popularized by Liz Phair, yes, but the name of the song is Flower on her album Exile to Guyville
I want to be your blowjob queen.
by Beezo August 28, 2005
41 26
1. A felacious woman who can make a descent living by performing her "expert" oral pleasures.
2. A title bestowed upon dumb women who typicly say dumb things that would otherwise subjectify them, & the entire female gender as second rate citizens. Always bearing the mentality of self entitlement. Exclaiming that either a man, or the govornment is responsible for providing them with the life style that they believe they should have. Young mothers, (just to name 1 sub-class) will typicly try to compare 3 hours of spread out house work that is mostly accomplished by machines, to 8 hours of back breaking labor, & an additional hour of driving home in the rain. Just the kind of anti-progress that sets society back centuries.
3. The name of one of the sirens from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.
Young moms' facebook status: My day is sooooo hard i had to do laundry, load the dish washer, and make sure suppers ready while my man's out all day working (ugh he's so lucky he gets to get out). I bearly had time for a 6 hour nap!!!!!

Friend comment: and you wonder why we call you the blow job queen...
by Ampersandman December 21, 2011
6 10