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To mess up, but not in a big way.
Don't blow it, man! You're so stupid, I know you're going to blow it!
by spenceronehalf January 18, 2004
37 4
A "blow it" is someone who constantly messes up any good situation.

They do this from greed, lack of ethics or just a plain lack of common sense.

Also, know as a dumb ass, bumbler, loser, fool, worthless fuck, etc.
"Geez, Reiner is one worthless blow it. He had a beautiful wife and child at home only to lose them from fooling around with a bunch of women."
by Sara Smiles October 28, 2013
204 2
1) to seriously fuck up a situation
2) to suck a given dick
3) to expel air out of the mouth toward an object
1) Liz really blew it when she started using her teeth while blowing it.
2) "Well, I'm on my knees. What should I do now?"
"Blow it!!!"
3) "I actually meant SUCK it, ya dumb bitch (SMACK!)"
by Nick D April 10, 2004
70 27