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Similar to a crack ho, except slightly more classy (i.e. Coke instead of crack).

Usually relates to someone who blows for blow.
"Yo that blow ho gave me the best bj ever for some of this Peruvian shit."
by C-Town Sucka2 July 11, 2008
Similar to bro ho, meaning a girl that sleeps around with a bunch of guys, instead means a girl that gives a blow job to a bunch of guys.
Person #1: "The only reason she has money is cause she gives out blowjobs in the bathroom for cash."
Person #2: "What a blow ho"
by sweetescape March 04, 2009
A ho who gives blow jobs.
georgie-o: i'mma wantin' me some wants for some blow jo's, gimmie a blowho, yo ho
hehe: haha, i can blow myself, you should really get the surgery
by The Shiznitch February 18, 2004
A fellacious woman
Damn, that hooker is a blow ho
by Vlad April 06, 2004

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