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to get high off marijuana
boy: dude, wanna go blow down?
friend: hell yeahh
by oh what up March 11, 2007
Basically smoking weed
person 1:ayo nigga u blow down? no homo
weed head:hell yeah every fuckin day
by Yonkers Child December 04, 2007
The opposite of explode: to implode
Professor: So, you boil the water in the can and then dip the can in the cold water upside down and the can implodes.
Student: you mean it will BLOW DOWN???!?!?!!111
Professor: ..................................it implodes

Dude! I saw this AWESOME slo-mo car explosion video backwards and things were LITERALLY blowing down!
by …≥0 December 04, 2010
To break; An antonym to blow up; usually in reference to a computer application not working.
The crappy code that I wrote caused my program to blow down.
by Anonymous Developer March 21, 2007
a real bummer or bad experience
Oh man I can't believe you ate the last canoli? What a blow down!
by wordman64 April 02, 2006