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A phrase used to describe the actions of someone who gives copious amounts of oral sex, well above what most people would consider an average amount for a sexually active person. As job is to career, so blow job is to blow career--someone who gives "blow careers" has almost taken oral sex to an extreme level, pursuing it as if there's some sort of reward in the afterlife for people who give that much head.
Man, Suzie went down on the entire football team at the party last week. That girl doesn't just give blow jobs--she's got a blow career!

I thought my last girlfriend was good about oral, but this girl I'm seeing now comes out of nowhere with it sometimes. I get head two, three times a day without asking, like it's her blow career.

Dude, I feel sorry for Tyrone. His ass went to prison and bitched out, and now he's got himself a blow career on the inside.
#blow job #bj #hummer #chickenhead #oral #go down #job #career #bj queen #head #give head #oral sex
by Talmanes December 01, 2006
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