When you are having intercourse with a female who is having her period and you take out your bloody penis and slide it under someones nose leaving a period blood based moustache. For bonus points feel free to do a fu-man-chu or a full beard!
Man 1 - Dude why do you have a red moustache???
Man 2 - Peter gave me a bloody sanchez!!
by pedro-sanchez January 04, 2008
Top Definition
The act of applying a sexual partner's menstrual blood to her face to resemble a moustache. A finger is the usual applicator; however, a penis may be used as well.

The term can refer to the resulting moustache, as well as the act.
Once a month, Ned makes Mabel wear a bloody sanchez to complement the luxuriant handlebar he sports.
by Ned November 17, 2004
The act or result of violently stuffing a balloon knot so vigorously, it begins to bleed. Followed by applying the resulting anal wall residue and blood, goopy and very adhesive, mixture to the face. The application is intended to resemble a moustache.
John boy enjoyed a fine marlboro while Mary Jane cleaned herself up in the lavatory. "I'm an artist when it comes to a Bloody Sanchez. Hot Damn!" John boy exclaimed.
by orificium March 09, 2006
When your girl is on her period take advantage and fuck her while she is bleeding. Then you rub your penis on her face with all that period blood on it.
Man last night my girlfriend was on her period, so I made her feel worse by giving her a bloody Sanchez
by Nappyboy333333 May 25, 2011
Whilst banging a menstruating girl from behind, you knee her in the ass and stick your finger up her cunt and rub your finger on her upper lip, while yelling "you fucktard dirty mashed potato pussy fucker".
Both virgins on their wedding night, Ted and Jameka were consumating the marriage when Ted suddenly pulled a bloody sanchez.
by Bangin on Juices September 24, 2007
The beating of a mexican's face results in blood pouring from their nose forming a bloody moustache.
Hey man, you shoulda seen the blood all over his face, it was like a dirty sanchez with blood... BLOODY SANCHEZ!
by j71 July 12, 2009
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