Take the freshly used tampon of a virgin, and use it as a stirring stick to mix all your drinks.
Hey, my girlfriend was being a bitch, so I went through her trash can, found some "ingredients" and made a "Bloody Mary" she'll never forget.
by Hunter k. February 01, 2008
when a man and a women are having sex and the women periods onto an ice tray and freezes it overnight. In the morning the man takes and ice cube and puts it into the womans vag and fucks her until it melts. The women then squats over the guy and lets the melted blood flow into his mouth. he then cums into the womans mouth and they swap by making out.
Marissa served up a bloody mary last night.
by SprtzKid420 December 04, 2007
When a girl is getting oral when all of the sudden, she menstruates in the one licking the pussys mouth. ewww!
Bob: Oh Yeah! I hope your enjoying this (slurp slurp)
Mary: Oh Shit! I think Im gonna -- errrrr
Bob: Fuck, you just gave me a bloody mary!
by samm...y May 17, 2006
When your fuckin a girl in her ass while she's on her period and some blood gets on your balls. Then after anal she sucks you off and the blood from your balls gets on her chin and she looks like a bloody mary!
Hey since your on your period how about a bloody mary tonight?
by Harry Balsonya November 29, 2006
When a man and a woman have sex during the woman's period.
I feel very loved when my husband and I have a bloody mary. It's like he's not afraid to make love to me no matter what.
by ^_^ September 18, 2003
when a man's monstrous bulging member is covered in chunky pieces of blood and discharge from a woman's period, which then hardens and gives flavor to the felatio that the woman then gives as a thank you for having had sex on her period.
ryan: yo.. woman. lets make bloody mary's tonight.

emily: do we have celery salt left in the cupboard?

ryan: no bitch ass. not that kind. ur an idiot.i want to fuck your bloody pussy and then have you lick it off.

emily: YEA! i love doing that.
by mary June 17, 2006
When man is doing a girl from behind and pulls a gun out, shoots her in the back of the head, and sticks his penis into the hole he just shot to finish the job.
Who wants to hear an example of Bloody Mary... nobody-
by CalebK December 13, 2007

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