Archaic swearword originating in England, originating from the even more archaic phrase 'By God's blood', but nobody really knows that or cares. DOESN'T mean 'fucking' you screwheads.. We use that word too!
"Bloody buggering hell!!"

- Rimmer from Red Dwarf

Why the hell is this 'example too short?' I swear, if this one doesn't work, I am going to track down those urbandictionary guys and use their spines as glockenspiels
*Slang- Frequently used as a curse word to exclaim disgust.

*Origin- A result of a very common set of actions in British history, which has in turn caused a very common term.

In medieval times before Britain was the power it is now, their armies would lead merciless wars on any land they desired. Their genocides were worse than any this world has ever known, and were brought to all corners of the world. In their colonization blood flowed like rivers, the earth glowed red and soaked with blood. Their clothing and armor would so frequently become entirely stained with blood, the British military eventually adopted red as their uniform color. This bloody reputation lead to sayings such as "Bloody England". From there it trickled down (like blood) into day to day speech.
England bloody England.
by CryptoSavior May 21, 2015
1. Related to Blood
2. Covered in Blood
3. A word that Brits use in every sentence.
by Meepster April 20, 2015
A blasphemous curse used by the English and Australians, primarily. It is an old contraction of the phrase "by Our Lady" (meaning Virgin Mary) and is the equivalent in seriousness to "God Damn".

Most people these days have no idea that its origin has anything to do with Virgin Mary.
It's bloody hot in here!
by sbjapan July 05, 2010
1. popular swearword in Australia(equivalent to damn)

2. affix used to add emphasis to a word.
1.Bloody Hell!
(or stronger: Bloody fuckin' hell!)

2.That was fan-bloody-tastic

That was pee-bloody-thetic
by el January 07, 2005
A term used by some of the more morally questionable young men in the U.S. to describe a girl that they have been sleeping with but not dating. Can be used as a much more offensive version of "Tail", "Piece of Ass", "Ho", Etc.
"I got to stop by this bloodies house right quick then i will roll through."

"Time to cut this bloody loose, girl keeps callin' and showing up at my house"
by Delavaez January 21, 2010
Adjective of British origin.

Used to describe something.
"The bloody car's gone."

"The bloody dog ate my tea, I should bloody well have the bloody thing put down."
by Kelly December 22, 2004
Bloody - seemingly harmless word common place in the U.K. When broken down, it becomes By(the virgin)mary. Also in the form bleedin, and more commonly bloody hell.
You bloody twot!
This parot is BLEEDIN DEMISED!
Oh bloody hell, no one will vote for this.
by me. October 09, 2003
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