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Archaic swearword originating in England, originating from the even more archaic phrase 'By God's blood', but nobody really knows that or cares. DOESN'T mean 'fucking' you screwheads.. We use that word too!
"Bloody buggering hell!!"

- Rimmer from Red Dwarf

Why the hell is this 'example too short?' I swear, if this one doesn't work, I am going to track down those urbandictionary guys and use their spines as glockenspiels
A term used by some of the more morally questionable young men in the U.S. to describe a girl that they have been sleeping with but not dating. Can be used as a much more offensive version of "Tail", "Piece of Ass", "Ho", Etc.
"I got to stop by this bloodies house right quick then i will roll through."

"Time to cut this bloody loose, girl keeps callin' and showing up at my house"
by Delavaez January 21, 2010
1. popular swearword in Australia(equivalent to damn)

2. affix used to add emphasis to a word.
1.Bloody Hell!
(or stronger: Bloody fuckin' hell!)

2.That was fan-bloody-tastic

That was pee-bloody-thetic
by el January 07, 2005
Adjective of British origin.

Used to describe something.
"The bloody car's gone."

"The bloody dog ate my tea, I should bloody well have the bloody thing put down."
by Kelly December 22, 2004
A british slang term similair to the word "damn". Also a word which many Americans use in order to sound "cool", despite the fact that they sound like total wankers.
Yank: "Dude, what the bloody hell was that?!"
Brit: "...your a wanker."

Brit: "I'm sick of those Yanks using our bloody words all the time. Can't they make up any of their own, or must they steal everything from us Brits?"
by brit-tish May 24, 2006
Bloody - seemingly harmless word common place in the U.K. When broken down, it becomes By(the virgin)mary. Also in the form bleedin, and more commonly bloody hell.
You bloody twot!
This parot is BLEEDIN DEMISED!
Oh bloody hell, no one will vote for this.
by me. October 09, 2003
another slang word for drunkeness.
Everyone at the party was bloody!
They wouldn't let me drive. They knew I was bloody.
by Kimwinn December 26, 2006
I was bloody when they called me into work today.

She's about to get bloody when she finds out who did this..
by Temmy girl January 14, 2003