You go find a girl who is on her period, while she is letting lose blood, grab a cup and put it under her vagina. After almost all the way full drink your new one of a kind tomato juice drink.
Hey man wanna go play "Bloody Mary"?
The one with the creepy lady in the mirror?
No the one with the cup'n'vagina man!
by Sac War Master August 11, 2010
It is a sexual move which involves the man having sex with a woman when she is on her period and he fingers and/or fists her asshole as the same time until that bleeds so she is bleeding on him from two different spots.
Hey, Joe did you hear that Brooks gave Mackenzie a bloody mary last night at the party?
Wow that fool is nasty.
by Maximus Padimus June 10, 2010
When a lady is masturbating for a man's viewing pleasure and pulls out her bloody tampon and whips the guy in the face with it, smearing blood on his face. Best performed on heavy flow days for maximum effect.
I got revenge on Dirty Sanchz last night when I introduced him to Bloody Mary.
by Bloody karly November 07, 2008
eating out a chick when she is on her menstrual cycle.
Dude bloody mary is sick.
by mike setay. May 09, 2008
While a girl is receiving oral sex in the dark, she doesn't tell her partner that she's on her period. When the deed is done, she turns on the light and shows him a mirror revealing his bloody mouth.
He screamed in horror when he saw that I gave him a bloody mary.
by Pwnt By Tuberculosis June 18, 2007
When a male propels a pine cone into a females(or males) brownie mix and then ejaculates inside of her asshole.
"Ever since I got that bloody mary I cant grow hair on my asshole"
by RPMOTHERFUCKINGD March 03, 2009
A bloody mary is when your giving your girlfriend oral sex when her period begins. The origin of the word comes from Boone, North Carolina, when Alek Pike ate a girl out for the first time, and thought it was normal that he had blood all over his face and nose afterward.
Alek gave her a bloody mary in the mountains.
by BMJ (Bloody Mary Job) December 09, 2008

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