a member of UNB aka United Blood Nation, a gang of niggaz made during the late 60's through the combination of various smaller gangs to combind to become a large enough gang to protect itself from the cKrips
ay blood, was poppin,
by BaByBoy November 03, 2003
Big-Lipped-Orphans-On drugs
Do You Know why they call the gang b.l.o.o.ds?
Yeh, Big lipped orphans on drugs! ha ha!
by oxbroiler December 09, 2008
Plural form of word Blood. Blood a gang name which is an acronym for "Be loyal or otherwise die" The Gang started In Los Angeles around Compdon to help the neighborhoods. Bloods are also the sworn enemies of the Crips.
The Bloods and Crips are having a gang fight again!
by Ben Hickey June 25, 2005
Bke Locd out or die slobks
Crip- Was craccin slobk

by Slobk Cillah June 03, 2010
the stuff that vampires drink, the stuff that emos want to drain out of their bodies...hey i just solved the answer to world vampire hunger.. emo blood yay everyone follow me
blood looks like red water but it is actually composed of cells which keep us alive
by tainted shadow October 01, 2006
G Poppin Crip droppin bs up gs up cs down wont let nobody stand my ground because I hold dat G-banger crown fuck wit me and ill leave ya ass very bloody.

Fuck All yall crabs College/ 166

I got 99 bangers and 6 Wild aint one .

Ol'G Banger motherfucker
Shiesty/ Motherfucking G-banger Niggas
by DeSean July 26, 2004
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