There are tons of gangs out there that represent Bloods. Some don't even keep the true name (Bloods or Pirus); Although, they represent their alignment with them by flashing signs of Blood.

Beginning on the Westside, Compton, California, specifically, is where the Bloods originated from in the late 60's. They slowly made their way to the East, as far as California, in the 80's.

Current day Bloods could be found all over the world now, due to mass media, internet, phone, or word of mouth.
Ckrip Ckrab killa' fo' life!
Don't step to an O.G. in the Red Army!
Blue rags fall every day!
If you wear blue, you'll always die a Blood, 'cause your rag will be stained after I pop you.
Straight Up Blood!
San Diego Streets is Watching!
671 Piru Bloods!
by Jest June 17, 2006
Idiotic wannabe gangstas that try to rival the Crips. Despite many efforts, they just can't measure up to them. Well, I guess that when you can't even fight, you can't rival the largest african-american gang in america, now can ya, assholes.

They may be able to fight and survive against:
*Maybe a couple people from an old folks home.
"Ever heard of the BKloods."
"Yeah, Bkicked one's ass yesterday."
BKloods= Bloods
by Eric48 November 08, 2006
A street gang made up of young kids who have disfuctional homes. They have found power and safty by sticking togather in the streets. they get wepons and illegal gun from gun runner and drugs from drug dealers. both of which are most of the time blue colar white men. If you want to stop street gangs you have to stop what creates them. wich is the lack of saftey in there hood and good jobs for there family's. And make a task force to bust these crooked politions, that gain of the violance and drug use.
Through government contracts for the prison systems
that pay so much per head, not to mention slave labor.
but untill that happen we will be out here doing what
we have to, to provide justic to the fallen and family
to those that dont have one.

baby 80 619 skyline piru
peace love (respect) mad love to those who fell victum
to the game. rather it be on the streets or in prison.
bloods, bloodz, bedown, bloodz, skyline,piru,59brim,licoln parkbloodz, uptownbloodz, syndo mob
by baby 80 March 06, 2006
crips rival gang organized in tha L8 60's early 70's
a yo tha crips and tha bloods was fightin yesterday
by ariel NY is tha ish August 04, 2003
A gang formed by some pussies who couldn't match the crips and got together in the hope to beat em. The bloods are fakers throwin up and flashin gang signs they stole from the crips(and fucked up).

You can identify this pussies by the red clothes, calvin klein(ck = crip/crab killa), mecca(murder every crip/crab child allive) and reebok(respect each every blood OK)wear.

This criminals aren't really dangerous unless you're a 12 year old child or a girl then they like to put you blue on to make it seem they killed a crip(or like they call it crab).
that pussies called bloods drink RED bull(cause of the red and the fact that they say bull means bloods usually live longer)
by 187Crip July 17, 2006
It's not composed of RBC'S and it's definitely not red in color. It's a mere adjective used when one is blinded with rage/anger.
Guy : Hey chica, what's up?
Girl : Oh hey, nothing....was just thinking about you
Guy : How sweet, you know the feeling's mutual since your the only thing i think about all day.
Girl : Oh yeah? then call me by my name. I love your husky voice.
Guy : Uh, sure... it's XXXX right?
Girl : You....bloody bastard! I knew you were a player.
by Aqua_blue October 25, 2014

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