One of the biggest gangs in America, its rivalry with the Crips has caused many terrors in big cities like LA, New York, and San Diego. BLOOD is an acronym meaning Brotherly Love Overriding Oppressive Destruction
Dude A: One, Two, Three, into da-
Dude B: Snoop Dogg is a part of da bloods.

Dude A stops rapping instantly
by Tory Burnett October 25, 2007
Punk ass jotos who couldn`t hack it in THA ALMIGHTY CRIPS! They wear red cuz thats the color that runs out they`re head when a crip blasts there ass! FUCK deez fools they can suck my crip dick!!!! ~$hAkY LoCO~
lets go smoke some punk ass bloods!
by SHAKY LOCO May 03, 2008
Bloods are a street gang that wear red rags or bandanna to tell themselves they are a blood gang member or to tell other blood gang member that they are bloods Blood originally came from Piru streets.Their rival gang,crips are clearly more than bloods.Although outnumbered by their rival,they the more violent and aggresive.If you are on the blood's turf,don't wear any blue clothes especially blue rags or bandanas they will mistake you from their rival gang even if you are not and will kill you and they won't take explanation fom you.They are also bein called slobz by crips to sho disrespect.
Bloods are made up from the black people but as years past,bloods are now bein acted out fom all over the world mainly bein known by internet and Television
by Ghettorich October 09, 2006
The Bloods (Black Liberation Organization Of Defense) are one of the Los Angeles, California street gangs. The Bloods are identified by the red color worn by their members. The gang is largely composed of African Americans, although the Bloods are more racially mixed than the Crips, their rivals. The Bloods are made up out of various cliques known as "sets" or "trays" between which significant differences exist such as colors, clothing and operations. Since their formation the Blood gangs have branched out throughout the United States.

The History

The Bloods were formed in response to the growth of the Crips, which at one point had outnumbered non-Crip gangs by 3 to 1.When several members of the LA Brims, Black P. Stones, and the Pirus were killed by Crips in 1973, the embattled gangs met to form an alliance called the Bloods, joining an existing gang nation called "The People." Knowing that the Crips used the color blue to identify each other, this group decided to use an opposing color, red, to identify each other. Today, groups located in the territories once held by these older gangs will use Piru or Stones in the name of their set.

During the 1990s, there were reports of Bloods gang members in New York City. The UBN, United Blood Nation, was founded by O.G. Mack, who had been sent to Rikers Island, New York City's largest jail facility. While in New York, these groups became infamous for various slashings of non-gang members in an attempt to emulate the LA sets. Abdul Sev Kabah, member of Red Family-Black P. Stones, was responsible for educating many of these new gangs and stopping the random slashing.

Following several months of gang violence that killed 40 people, the Tookie Protocol For Peace was negotiated between the Bloods and the Crips in May of 2004. Former Crips member and founder, the late Stanley Tookie Williams helped negotiate the "perpetual peace treaty".
Bloods and hip-hop

Well Known Harlem Born Artist, Jim Jones is one of the world's more well known Blood gang members, repping what they have carried on call the Purple City Gang. A number of popular West Coast rappers claim to be affiliated with Bloods gangs or use speculation about their ties to gangs to generate media attention. Ex-G-Unit rapper The Game has said he was caught up in the gangs in his Cedar Block neighborhood, But the reality is, The Game's older half brother "Big Fase 100 was a real blood member, and The Game just used that as a background story. . Due to employing several known Bloods members, the media has speculated that Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight maintains an association with the gang . Rapper/producer DJ Quik, also a Compton native, has talked about growing up as a member of the Tree Top Piru Bloods. In 1995, Los Angeles producer Ron "Ronnie Ron" Phillips produced the self-titled debut album of the Damu Ridaz, a rap group consisting of gang members from the Denver Lane Bloods
by R3AL MuThApHuKiN E April 19, 2006
An offbranch of the american gang, now in Australia, all the same though.
damn bitch, who the fuck do you think your messing with, we are the motherfucking bloods fool
by Blood member 7 April 16, 2007
the realest n illest killas alive on dese streets, identified by thier red flags (bandanas) and acronyms , for example : ck- cKrab killa KFC-kill Fukkin cKrabs

the rival gang of the crips, orginally formed on piru streets and were afilliated with crips untill beef rose up, now bloods are rising up and gaining power. we may have less then the crips, but it aint stoppin us from popin those cKrab5!!!!
5 popin 6 droppin
brrrrrat! APB love ! bloods up
by rea blood March 22, 2007
S-P-B is St. Petersburg Bloods which refers to the set in St. Pete Florida of the overpowering Blood gang.
Crip1- "yo loc, them St Pete Bloods (SPB) is killin us dudes"
Crip2= "i know we gots ta get on our grind"
by 5ckripkiller January 23, 2007

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