another SLO Kcilled by a rollin' 60 4 set CCripin' - fuCkin' slouCh- C'$ up, 9'$ DOWN-
fuCKin' Slo9 got 9eat blaCK and blue. FolK bout Trigga play.
by FolK dawg$ October 28, 2003
Oppression and
Crips terrorized our neighbor hoods and rape or communities flooding them with drugs because they fell for the white mans plan to destroy our black people. Bloods tried to counter act that but fell victim to the same thing the dope game which cause conflict between the two that last still today. the only way to solve the problem is to be smart enough to se what the white man has done separate use and made use lose focus of our original goals to make money and keep our Black familys alive. Now we cut each others throats to survive to get a bit to eat to ride fancy cars to smoke the best weed and for power .We don't own any of the shit we fight for the white man does and you know what it's funny to them. Unite to solve the bigger problem poverty in our inner cities.
my brothas and sisters both bloods and crip.Don't live like niggas crabs and slobs don't let them take away our freedom voice cause our power with chains and shackles and falsehoods. only we can make a difference. bang for the right reason.
by Jkrazy February 07, 2009
Bloods are the second deepest set in the world apart form MS-13. The Crips are a little more but not by much.In '93 on Rikers Island in New York, OG Mack started the United Blood Nation. The UBN states that "all blood is pure" meaning B sets dont fight other B sets at all anymore.
B-fore '93 that Blood Vs. Blood wasnt even all that often. Dont get it twisted. Crips are the ones who fight each other. Notice they have a "nation" but the are not "united". The Bloods have two types of sets. Most originals wearing red clothing articles & flags (bandannas). There newer set is called Limehood Piru.
Theyre Bloods that wear green clothing & bandannas. Bloods live by a certain code. Instead of saying "locced out" they say "flamed out" since red is a color of fire. They will wear their clothes on the right side only.Bloods conversate each other as "dogs" instead of "locs"(i.e. bloodhound is a dog). They will try not to say any words that have "C" in them if they cant replace it with a "B" theyll add a "K" in front of the "C" for "CK" which means crip killa. Theyll also replace "S" with the number 5 since the Blood Star has 5 pionts on it. Other types of thangz are B-low.




Calvin Klein - CK


*Note: In the music industry alotta rappers make gang related references.Specifically Snoop and the Dogg Pound
are "flippers". Them including Nate Dogg were bloods at some piont in time B-fore they went mainstream. Then they "flipped" to Crips. Doesnt make sense that they left theyre names with "dogg" if theyre really "locs". Keep in mind that true Crips HATE to B called "doggs". Snoop and his crew are phony.Heres alist of some real Gz that stay one & only red:

2Pac - West Side Outlaws/West Side Outlaw Bloods
Suge Knight - MOB Piru
The Game - Cedar Block Piru
DJ Quik - Tree Top Piru
2Pacs Outlawz - unknown,made refernces
B-Real(from Cypress Hill)- unknown
Youngbloodz - United Blood Nation**
Jim Jones 93/N9ne Trey Gangsters

**I forgot to mention UBN is also an actual hood/set.
by Young Brazy November 19, 2007
A California gang which formed from several rivals of the Crips and then spread nationwide. In contrast, they chose the color red. They are also known as Damus or Pirus, Pirus referring to the Piru Street Gang, a gang which became a rival gang to the Crips and joined the anti-Crip alliance.
They use CK, as Crips use BK, as an acronym to diss their rivals.
Some of their trademarks are colors worn to the right, and a teardrop tattoo symbolizing a killing. Members include rappers the Game, Birdman, and Lil Wayne.
their gang calls include brrrrat, an onomotopoeia of a gunshot, as well as the alternate form blat, to which the crips have the counter ccclat or clatt.
They also use the gang call Swoop, which is often extended to suh-woop, with the woop repeated to sound like a police car (woopwoop, swoooop)
On the unusual collaboration between Bloods member the Game and Crip Snoop Dogg, the chorus featured both Cuh-rip (crip extended) and Suh-woop.
Several Bloods assaulted some young men who were whistling because it sounded like the Crip whistle.
by skndlkrft August 24, 2007
yes, we all are black... no offence to those that actually are. "whut-up my g-homies... word to ya motha."
i hope i dont offend those that are actually black
by siphon April 04, 2003
a gang formed in the 70's to show off and be "hard". ravail gang is the crips. bloods swear they all hard but when the 5.o comes they take of there flags, unlike the crips who r not scared of the 5.o. also bloods r bunz crips r not.
fight of crip and blood, bloods ran and poped off
by Scooby-Doo April 14, 2006
They are tha pussies that copied cripz
they usually wear red bandanas either in the head or in the right side of their pocket.

they also spell some words differently like for example they would spell -book-boock coz ck stands for crip killer

as in for Cripz-Tha real gang spell it BKook-BK For blood killers
how to spell Bkook
bloodz-slobs or bustas
by Darnell James October 13, 2008
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