a gang, they dress to tha left, they keep it locked wit the 5 point star, dress in red, and tha word slob iz disrespect too a blood, and have our own blood alphabet,
bloods originated in comptan, Cali, although the blood set iz smaller group then tha crabbz the bloodz are poteially dangerous, particularly when present in any number

5 poppin 6 droppin
5 poppin, 6 droppin,
5 bangin, 6 hangin
5 PiMpIn, 6 be limpin
5 to tha sky, 6 MuSt Di3,
S33 @ CR!P, l{!LL @ CR!P 3N W@TCH M@ F@V0R!T C0L0R l)R!P,
by yowifey14 September 23, 2006
A gang
lets go cap some punk ass bloods.
by jason July 13, 2003
a nigga that thinks he can fly
slobk: yo mah niggas get da fucc outta mah way so i can fly
by red fags cant fade us cuhz February 16, 2005
faggit as s slobKs
Bustahs Live Only One Day
by Da Candy Man November 01, 2003
a slobK , also see : a faggot marhk ass bKitch dats wears a dead ass color an shKould be bkilled on firts sight . 5 to da chest 1 to da head is the best way.
you ever call me bKlood an i'll bleed yo ass ta death .

by MAJIK b.k.a da po pimp August 25, 2003
The best gamer in the world.
used words to decribe blood: "Damn that guys good", "thats a huge ..."
Descendant of can'tplayforshiat
by Shaun April 07, 2003
A word that I sort of invented; it means you look just as hideous when someone looks you in the eye as you are when someone looks at you from the side. The main people who don't have blood are Kansans and Missourans, especially Kansas and Missouri girls.
I'd rather look at Michael Jackson than Sheryl Crow; at least Michael has blood.
by TheHater May 05, 2004

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