a red liquid that all mamals need to survive. it is blue when not exposed to oxygen, and tastes metallic.

the red stuff that comes out when you get cut.
*examines cut* *licks cut*
I like... blood... human... blood..
red, red, red...
by ...vampyre... July 03, 2005
Red, sticky stuff that tastes salty. Predominatley found after flesh has been cut, torn, or bitten in to.
"Oooh, look at the pretty red stuff dripping from my arm...."
"That's your blood, you loser."
by an Elf June 01, 2005
A street gang full of ignorant morons. The defintion of blood in the Gang context is Black Liberation Organization Of Defense. (ridiculous right) Yet you see a bunch of white dicks, black negros, spanish idiots and irish drunks all claiming to be part of a gang for no apparent reason. They wear red to show thier colors and "rep that shit". They started on the west coast and all of a sudden they spread across the whole country and even literally infested my middle class town of southern new jersey. At the k-4th grade school up the street they spray painted Blood signs on the walls, and two 7th graders at my baby brothers school got caught with guns and expelled after they said they were bloods. Every blood is a friggin moron. They will all end up on welfare or in jail after they grow up and have no education or skills. They are all idiots who cant shoot a gun, sell drugs which is highly profitable, yet cant save a dollar because they spend it on forties and bandanas. All you bloods please stop trying to become rappers because you sound like retards. How can you rhyme, when you cant even spell? And stop stealing your grandmothers food stamps. Low life.
10 pm "yo nigga i be reppin blood to the fullest yo"

11:30pm "yo kill that nigga he a krip and im a blood "

12:10 am "yo why da white man tryin to hold da black man down?" Dey racist yo. blood to the fullest"
by muckcity December 22, 2006
the red fluid in your veins.
if you cut yours wrists, there will be blood.
by Alex Roach October 22, 2005
Black Liberation Organization of Defense. Now extended to Asian and Latino members, and even white in staten island.
9-3 wuz good valentine wuz good blllat
by d-block October 27, 2004
a term and an organization that began in a prison in Chicago in the 60's because of oppressed blacks in the penitentuary. It is a term used by blacks to refer to each other.It symbolizes they were in the same cause or struggle so hence they would be "blood" brothers. It has now branched to be a major gang in major urban areas all over the United States and primarily was thought to begun in Compton, California.
What up blood, wats the done deal>?
by Queens NY July 07, 2005
how ya doin today, blood?
by Yebeka December 19, 1999

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