piru street, 10 hundred block of chaucer,NYC Gangs
let it rain let it drip hit a sissy in his lip through a dooky in the mud and let em throw up blood!
by Young blood aka Lild November 02, 2006
nice cool cute etc.
If someone had on nice clothing, shoes, jeans, or a cool hat or shirt you would say "That's blood" or your shoes is blood. It's like saying cool, or "hot" it is used a lot in the urban community these days.
by eimaj February 08, 2008
A band that Ville Hermanni Valo used to be in.
Ville was in the band b.l.o.o.d.! Sweetness!
by villevalo2 June 08, 2006
Liquid that flows in the veins, arteries and capillaries of a living creature. Contains plasma (the liquid which carries the red and white blood cells), red blood cells (these carry oxygen and other important resources to most* parts of the body) and white blood cells (these protect the body from viruses and bacteria). Blood is pumped around the body by the heart. The lungs put oxygen into the bloodstream, and the digestive system puts important nutrients etc. into the bloodstream. The liver filters blood, which is why many alchohol related problems include blood poisoning, liver disease etc.

also a gang who cant get up and realise that their definitions need spellcheck.
*i say most, because blood does not flow in already dead parts of your body, such as the hair and nails
by Iron eddie July 20, 2005
The redish substance that often comes spewing out of ones body on many different occasions including: getting cut with a knife, getting your asshole ripped from being fucked in it or getting hit in the face with a bat. This substance also flows through ones body and infact, due to a build-up of pressure, makes one get a massive boner.
Woh that boner is so full of blood, lets see how much there is if we cut it off!
by Peter Christian November 17, 2003
hey crip wat up
man i just busted a blood
by whitedude911 April 30, 2008
A gang that formed in the late 70's out of many sets that were bullied by the crips. The sets met on Piru Street and formed the Blood alliance. Although the Bloods are outnumbered 5 to 1 in LA County, Blood sets are always more violent, especially when present in numbers. Blood members have developed a strong love and fascination for Assault weapons.
Piru Street for life!
by Jeffwacker August 06, 2005

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