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bloodhound gang is the fucking shit
by dumbass December 31, 2003
Actually, Blood Houd Gang is a sweet band, with hilarious lyrics and a good sound. They are lead by Jimmy Pop Ali, the genius vocalist. They are diverse in their songs, sometimes they have like a Buck Cherry sound, sometimes they sound like Beastie Boys, but it's good music.
Tom: Have you heard of the Blood Hound Gang?
Jim: Yeah, they really made me realize that a lap dance is more fun when the stripper is crying.
Tom: Agreed.
#jimmy pop #evil jared #bad touch #i hope you die #along comes mary
by Pizzle August 05, 2006
The pwnagest band ever so much more to them than what laymen pop fans hgave ever heard.
For fans of BHG u shud check out
-butthole surfers
-bare naked ladies
anyone know any similar bands?
by PWnaGE March 06, 2005
a sexual act involving a group and a dog on its period
Q: Why did those guy just lock themselves in a room with dog on its period.
A: You don't want to know ... but I've got two words for you "Bloodhound Gang".
#sex #bestiality #gangbang #dog lover #blood #period
by ZUUL42 December 03, 2014
the best band since... well... the bloodhound gang.
we went to see the bloodhound gang in concert, yesterday! they are the coolest band ever!
#bloodhoundgang #perv #concert #cool #band
by kranda2000 March 20, 2012
Band coming out of Pennsylvania (or some place) with no looks, discernable talent or redeeming features at all..
So how is it they can churn out such classics as "I hope you die" "Yellow Fever" and "The Ballad Of Chasey Lain".. HOW?!!

I loves The Bloodhound Gang, me..
"You coming to the Bloodhound Gang concert tonight?"
"Will there be full male nudity, camp dancing, audience humilation and rocking tunes?"
"I dunno.. maybe"
"I'm there."
#blood #hound #gang #the #band
by richzx6r July 21, 2006
A "band" of fags sing about fucking like animals for no reason
The Blood Hound Gang sucks balls.
by TekNo April 14, 2004
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