Jamaican/Rastafarian derogetory term used in describing a male homosexual.
"Dem bloodclot faggots shall be stamped out by Jah."
by BlackLungFever May 25, 2005
When you receive a bloodclot in any of your main arteries a serious heart condition or death can occur.
If you suspect a bloodclot see your doctor immediately.
Hey that man has a bloodclot in his heart.
by Bomba-clat, Rasta-Clat October 29, 2004
A white person, as called by a black Jamaican. Also means the blood from a woman's period. Think of it as the Jamican version of cracker.
Bumbaclot is the more friendly version.
Raasclot is the more offensive version.
Jamican guy to a white guy: Yes Bloodclot, whatta gwan?
Me before I knew what it meant: (wow i'm getting called a cool name that sound's pretty 'street' that means this guy must think I'm cool too!)
by Dan1983 July 23, 2006
jamaican patois for "bloody clothe" meaning bloody tampon
by mokkes May 24, 2003
a colloquial jamaican saying. to call someone a blood clot is like likening them to a woman's menstrual fluids, and also expresses the frustration one experiences at not being able to pursue sexual activities.
g bush 'im a rastaclart bloodclart pussyclart bombaclart chief. cha.
by jimmy destreatham June 06, 2003

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