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claat means cloth, originates from times when clothes were used by women in terms of menstruation.
Nowadays a cuss word.
shot your bloodclaat mouth!
We will murder dem bloodclaat!
by Prince J September 28, 2003
It is a jamaican word but get ur definition right!!! Its basically another way of saying fuck when u use it to mean something annoying but wneh fuck just isnt a strong enough word
Wa de blood claat u pickney dem roun ye a do!!!
by Born in Ja November 24, 2004
Blood Cloth, derogatory. Jamaican cuss word
Shut yu bloodclaat mout'.
by Dj Amp B September 21, 2003
A jamaican cuss word, claat meaning cloth, is used when meaning, when blood durring menstruation is clogged with such cloth, and is now used as a cuss word.
Bloodclaat Betchu Dat!
(You are a bloodclaat)
by T-fresh December 19, 2003
Jamaican term for not a very nice person, how they say 'blood cloth' ie sanitary towel.
'im blood claat maaaan
by David from Kingsbury November 04, 2003
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