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Oral sex performed on a woman on her period
"He thought it was love when woke up in the morning with a lump in his throat. But when he noticed the string in his mouth, he knew he had his blood wings"
by Quentin July 31, 2003
What you receive when you graduate airborne school when they punch the pins on the back of the wings into your chest, puncturing the skin.
The SGT Airborne gave me blood wings because thats just what happens.
by kampkompanie December 11, 2005
1 - (verb) going down and licking the shit out of a girl's pussy who is on the rag. You get a period blood mustache and earn your blood wings
I can't believe I earned my blood wings on your mom last night.
by cdr April 15, 2003
Bloodwings is what you get when you go down on a girl whose on the rag. Many trace the orgins of this word to Marines who received their bloodwings in Subic Bay!
Dude - congratulations on getting your bloodwings bro - now go wash your face.
by Cheduah Bob February 28, 2005
the award one receives while performing cunnilingus on a woman while she is on her period
Last night I ate out Mary Jane Rottencrotch. She was on her period. Thus, I earned my blood wings. I'm so proud.
by JohnBoy Lawson June 05, 2006
The claw marks that a girl can leave on your back after a particulary hard round of sex.
she had just gotten her nails done, so my back was covered with blood wings
by halaku September 19, 2006

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