Referring to anyone with pale yellow to light-brown hair, lighter eyes, and usually lighter skin complexion. Feminine is "Blonde".
Jesse is very fair complected, he is a blond.
#blond #blonde #light #yellow #brown #hair #color
by JMC3 May 15, 2006
The masculine form of the hair color of a yellowish, lighter color. Feminine form is 'blonde' with an 'e' at the end. Commonly referred to as 'dumb blondes' to whenever they make a mistake or mess up on something. A hair color that doesnt make a person dumb just because their hair is lighter than others'.Assuming that I have straight A's and I am a blond guy doesnt't make blond guys or blonde girls stupid.
1.That man has blond hair.
2.That woman has blonde hair.
#hair color #blonde #dumb blonde #blond #hair
by oreZ ytivarG March 30, 2009
A hair yellow color that has two spellings (blonde] is for females and blond is for males.]]) Hair color is fairly rare, and has nothing to do with intelligence.
I am one of the smartest people at my school, and I am a blond guy (getting a B+ in a fairfax county high school AP world history course.)
#blond #culor #blonde #boy #girl #school
by Gold Scalp October 10, 2008
next to al the other definitions of blond, blond is also a type of hash / hasj (and hasj is marihuana pressed together and has a brown color)
''ey homie, where can I get blond ?''
''Ya better go to Holland, there they sell it legally''
#marihuana #marijuana #blond #hash #hasj #blond hasj
by Chilltyperiod October 23, 2005
A term blacks and some browns use indiscriminately towards white people.
Yo that blond haired blue eyed cracka!
#blond #blonde #light #yellow #white
by traveling bob August 14, 2006
n. Describing the state of mind of any given person. Not to be confused with the hair color blonde. This person could be a male or female, or may not have blonde hair.
<tony>What color is your hair?
<tony>...I asked for your hair color, not your state of mind.


<tony>Matt, it's devoured, not deflowered
<tony>dumb blond
#stupid #blonde #dumb #moron #zipperhead
by Tonystreetdotcom November 20, 2005

1) noun.: a person who costs a lot for retraining.
Sample(s) of use:

1) The person who works next to me doesn't have a lunch break because he/she is a blond.
by eraser_rx October 01, 2003
1. The way "dumb blondes" spell blonde.
2. The way dumbasses that think all blondes are dumb spell blonde.
3. Rubio/a in Spanish.

Note: I'm not biased against Blondes. I am one myself.
Kathy has blonde moments but has nearly black hair.
I am a blonde but she has so many blonde moments it's not funny.
by Me December 17, 2004
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