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block exams; a modern-day method of torture developed by a panel of adults who believe that they know best. block exams consist of several subjects' exams in a row (maths, english, history etc.) with a break between each one. block exams last for anywhere between 2 days and 2 weeks, and usually cause mass stress and panic in students. social life is impossible during this time, as all student's free time will be spent trying to learn a whole semester's worth of work (of which half probably wont be needed anyway). most block exams start at the age of 16, although some mean-spirited schools will start at the young age of 15.
Teacher- ok students, in 2 weeks' time are BLOCK EXAMS
Students- *groan*
Friend- hey :) would you like to see a movie on saturday with a big group?
Student- oh no i can't, sorry, i have block exams
Friend- ohhhhh *understanding & sympathetic nod*
Student- this is my last free weekend :) i won't have any free time until september... i have block exams
Friend- but it's only june?
by BriiOhNee November 16, 2009
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