A/the word that stands for anything random and random itself, and renders all other random words useless.
A : Hey, whatcha doing?
B : Nothing.
A : Well... let's go do something.
B : Sur-
A & B : ...Wtf?
by xBlip October 03, 2009
Top Definition
As in a blip on a radar screen - A piece of information (usually a picture or video/audio clip) that gets passed from person to person via email that momentarily becomes part of the collective consciousness of the Internet but quickly fades into obscurity only to be recalled hazily later at parties.
"Hey, did you get the blip of the guy on the Home Shopping Channel falling off the ladder and landing on his head? No? I'll ping you with it tomorrow."
by Joshua Rosenquist May 06, 2005
The person you get when you mix Bloods and Crips.
Gang color is Purple.
1:Ay yo who you roll wit?
2:Dem Blips...
1:Damn sucka you betta get yo ass back to Kansas
by get it right 101 July 01, 2006
An irrelevant being
Bradley is such a blip
by WACKA March 17, 2013
A completely hopeless video streaming service that's way beyond clueless as they make their platform have very limited availability as possible, Blip doesn't care about the consumer or their content makers as they make their platform only available (console wise) on the Xbox platform (a console that will rob anybody blind since Blip is locked behind the Xbox Live Gold paywall), refusing to update their web player from flash to HTML5 (while YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo did) and removing people whom are less popular than Doug Walker because they are not putting money in their pocket
Oh my, A new Nostalgia Critic video is up on Blip!
Oh wait! I can't watch it on my TV since i need a fucking Roku or Xbox Live Gold subscription to watch it!
by Lt. Firey Kyuubi January 22, 2014
Slang term for vagina meaning blurt lips.
Can I see your blips? Get your blips out!
by blipmiester November 25, 2013
An insult sourced from the name "Plips" (Pussy Lips). This derivation refers to the Brown Pussy Lips - hence the B prior to Plips.

Similar to Dron, this name enforces the idea that an individual has battered their lips in that of a brown woman.
There are two Blips' in the Platoon house.
Blips fucked up.
Blips got caught holding hands.
by Jiggaman1 January 20, 2009
Ball Lips - Labia (beef curtains/lady's downstairs lips) that are made from the remains of the scrotal sack after a gentleman decides to undergo the op and become a lady.
Go on Lewis show us yah blips.
by SwiftSix June 20, 2005

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