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A popular growing internet search engine - Google search engine with prizes like movie tickets, iPods, and other useful stuff.
1) I won a movie ticket on Blingo last night!
2) I won my friend an iPod on Blingo by using his Blingo Friends link!
by Etab October 13, 2005
Person employed by any level of government in Canada, who has gained or holds the position mainly by virtue of being bilingual (nearly always first language French with French surname), as opposed to being the most qualified in the most important requirements material to performing the job.
That federal job posting for a indicates English and French required. Jim is clearly the most qualified but he is not a blingo so his chances are poor.
by rascal99 December 11, 2009
The imaginary "sound" that that has been adopted by African Americans, Blackasians, and Blacktinos which is produced from light reflected by a diamond worn by that person when they win a game of Bingo.
I was a poor nigga. Now I'm a rich nigga. Getting paper now you can't tell me shit nigga. Ya wrist bling bling, my shit Blingo at my last game of Bingo.
by Jeremy and Krissy August 26, 2008
When you finally find that piece of jewelry you've been looking for. Combination of bling and bingo.
Look at that necklace! Blingo!
by CJMO November 23, 2006
Black-lingo, also Ebonics.
Black folks have their own blingo when they are around other black folks
by The Notorious R.O.D June 14, 2004
1. The original sound of the AOL Instant Messenger IM.wav used to annoy people due to its exceptional annoyance factor

2. An informal introduction.
1. (Scenario)
User 1 > "blingo"
User 2 : closes window
User 1 > "blingo"
User 2 : closes window

2. (Scenario)
User 1 > "blingo"
User 2 > "hey"
User 2 > "what's up?"
by hybuir January 17, 2004
Dee-Devil, you make it obvious that u are one of the whitest white boys ever. If i knew where you lived, i would slap you silly.
You are a lifeless dickhead
by Virus March 20, 2003
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