Objects such as Clothes, money, jewlery, women, cars, etc. that represent wealth, has inspiried a hit song "bling-bling"
Bling-bling, my chain be blingin'.
by some guy November 18, 2002
bling bling is shiny and phat jewelry that pimps and rappers and gangstas wear
"yo check dis bling bling"
"man i want that bling bling"
"he'll be bling blingin that shit"
by yo the realest gangsta mc October 02, 2005
Somthing a negro would say to make their Kmart quality jewlery sound better.
Negro :I just went to Kays Jewlers and bought me some Bling Bling.
Me: Fagget *Sacrafices*
by Hitsua June 02, 2004
A now cheesy word that people that don't use anymore except in commericals. Bling Bling used to refer to large amounts of jewelry or large rims on cars, either way something shiny and expensive object.
Lame 40yr old person trying to be cool: Hey Dawg! Wanna get some bling bling-izzle in this tizzle?

Me: I'm not even black and I know that's not how they say it
by Jersey Kid January 29, 2008
unnessesarily large display of jewlery, normally encrusted with rediculous amounts of jewls. usually worn by rappers.
50 cent gots the biggest bling bling around.
by OChottie June 23, 2007
n. Expensive, sometimes flashy jewelry, clothing and/or automobile details, sported by low, middle, and upper class adolescents and adults of all races and ethnic groups.

v. to "bling-bling;" the act of sporting jewelry, clothing or flashy automobile details of an expensive and/or highly extravagant nature.

v. "Girl, you sure are bling-blingin' it tonight!"
v. She's all bling bling now since she got her new Jaguar.
v. She is totally bling-blingin' it in her new Jaguar!
n. "I've got this bling blingin' outfit, with bling bling jewelry to match!"
by Deev December 19, 2005
the real, big, shiny stuff
along the lines of the Crown Jewels
Does not include the stuff most of us can afford
That Blin Bling on her finger does'nt allow her to lift her hand above her head
by E Martin June 12, 2003

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