In Philadelphia, PA - a modification of the name of the popular PA brew Yuengling (pronounced ying-ling) Lager et c.
"YO, toss me another bling-bling"
by enneagon July 30, 2005
Show-off wealth; anything that sparkles. The more tasteless the better. Expression comes from the sound an old-fashioned cash register drawer would make: "cha-ching" morphed into this.
The richest people in the world aren't into bling-bling; you can buy style, but not taste.
by TomV January 25, 2005
A piece of jewlery, usually gold or platinum.
damn, son. That watch be bling bling'n
by Welting December 18, 2002
Bling bling is a commonly used word for a black man's money or jewelery and how he shows it off. If a white man were to use this phrase "bling bling" he would get shot by the people residing in the ghetto.
He would no longer be able to show off his bling-bling and barney would smoke crack no longer because he was his supplier. Then little kids who watched barney would go on strike and kill their parents, all because of bling bling.
by The Cheese with Ease October 19, 2005
A word that means expensive, flashy jewlery. It was made popular in a song by rapper B.G. of the same name. Lil' Wayne claims he came up with the word. Used primarily by lame, white people who destroyed an already stupid word.
Anyone who says bling-bling anymore should be hanged, drawn, and quatered in public, in front of television cameras.
by hasafienda January 20, 2005
1. a term that was once used to describe a three-foot midget who happened to take Thursday ballet class. thankfully, that term is no longer in use.

2. extremely nice jewelery
1. Did you see that bling bling that walked out of Hawkins Dance Studio?

more realisticly:
2. Yo, did see his pinky bling bling? DAMMMMMMMNNN
by grand June 23, 2005
Wearing flashy and expensive jewelry for god knows fucking what.
Actually bling bling has been around for quite some time. You can go back millenia and it has been found at many archealogical sites.

In post ww2 Hollywood Liz Taylor was a well known whore for flashy extravagent, showy jewlry. Her most famous husband, UK and US actor Richard Burton took up residence in Switzerland, to avoid paying British taxes so his fat whore wife could extract millions of usd or british pounds in bling bling out of the increasingly wet brained, drunken(once fine)actor.
by anon ymousz January 26, 2009

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