Gawdy jewelry and such. Usually gold.
Did you see the bling-bling tooth on that white girl at Arby's?
by Anonymous April 10, 2003
a term for shiny accesories,such as chrome wheels,diamonds,etc.
you know you be lovin my bling bling!
by GhettoLatina April 03, 2003
Huge, flashy, often tacky jewelry worn by the hip-hop crowd or pretty much anyone who considers himself/herself to be "ghetto". The word probably came from the noise that accompanies the little shiny spark on jewelry in old cartoons. Examples of bling-bling include big diamond pinkie rings or gigantic diamond stud earrings, but usually it means a very large gold chain or diamond-encrusted pendant.
"Yo, homie! Check out my new bling bling!"

(hauls out enormous hubcap-sized pendant)
by the-anomaly July 08, 2006
shiny thing from rims to rolex watchs
sup foo u chillin word thats some nice blingbling u got there nigga dont do that that its jkwons blingbling
by scorpiokila June 07, 2005
A memorable crackhead made famous by the infamous Bum Fights Videos. He went on to have an entire DVD devoted to his antics. He likes to take shits on the sidewalk, and sing in such a way that makes it completely unintelligible. Oh yea, he smokes a lot of crack too.
Timmy :Did you see that Bum Fights video?

Scooter : Yea, Bling Bling was, by far, the best part of that whole movie.
by Barbosa August 14, 2005
Jewelry or Riches.
Mainly "Gold" or "Platinum" and "Diamonds" are the source of all of this.
Man, you see dat wiggah? He be bling-blingin' it up, Fosheezie!
really fancy jewelery(chains,rings)
She be bling blingin in that chain.
by MayMay December 10, 2001

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