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Another name for a cell phone without a headset used by a driver while driving. Causes the driver's blind spot to go from a minimal 15 degrees over either shoulder to a stunning 180 degrees on their right (or left) side, as they forget to check their mirrors before doing something stupid like cutting you off.

A good wingman is the best defense against drivers employing blind spot enhancers. Most traffic cops will accept this as a patent reason for getting caught in a speed trap in moderate traffic.
Tom: *driving to a party with Harry riding shotgun*
Harry: "Hey, Tom - this party's gonna be banging..."
Tom: "Yeah - it'll be off the hook!"
Harry: *looks out the passenger side* "Uh-oh... Bogey with a blind spot enhancer, 3-o-clock. You might wanna shake him before he..."
*Mr. Blind-Spot-Enhancer School-O-Driving starts drifting left, forcing Tom to do 88 to avoid getting hit*
Tom: *checks his mirrors* "That was close, hope the 5-0 flex that fool."
by zurielseven April 15, 2011
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