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2 rat ur self out by accident.
Leslee: u gona go c ur sister's friend Alicia 2day?
Benny: no, i saw her yesterday
Leslee: i thought u were out wit ur boyz yesterday?
Benny: O shit, i blew up my spot
by Malsa March 22, 2007
6 17
To try to make someone look stupid by breaking through a facad, lie, exaggeration, or distorted truth. Usually used when a guy or chick is trying to hype themselves up, and someone calls them on it.
Yo, that bitch tried to blow my spot!!
by Paco October 18, 2004
88 42
telling some ones personal or big secret
Me:stop botherin me before i blow up your spot son.
Sam:i dare u.
Me:yo tameka you know sam just stopped eatin his boggers this year.
Tameka:Yo sam she just blew up your spot.
Sam:yo u just blew up my spot son.
by brooklyn-princess March 28, 2007
33 20