To be a bait (as in obvious), and blit(as in high) while being high.
Wow man, how blate are you

Better not go home yet your really blate.
by Fubar69 May 08, 2008
Top Definition
Used as a replacement for yes, of course, blatently, i agree, why not or anything in the affirmative.
GW Bush should so be kicked out of the White House...blates!

Oh yeah, blates!
by k8 May 05, 2004
Use it to say Way (much more)short for blatently
Zoey is blates cooler than you mate
by KittyMeowMeow August 28, 2006
(Slang exclamation).An abbreviation of the adverb form of 'blatant'.
She is blates trying to look cool about it.
by polkadot jigsaws in the bath September 16, 2008
Originates from the Core language found in High Wycombe, England. Comes from the concept of blending/shortening words. It means blatent but is shortened to simply 'blate'.
Jo: "She fancies you Alger."
Sim: "Yeah, blate."
by Simjob March 28, 2005
shortened version of blatently, meaning something is obvious or unsubtle
"it is blate that gafetti is style"
by Sian Beavers February 23, 2005
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